Cafe Talk: In Light of the Recent Election…

Good day/night,

It has been quite some time since I last posted (like I always seem to say). I am writing a few days after Election day, when Donald Trump was elected president. I’ll be honest, I care little whether or not you voted Hillary or Trump. The truth of the matter is that many different kinds of people voted for Hillary and Trump and each person has their own reasons. Personally, I do not believe that most people voted for Trump or Hillary to harm other people. Many people truly had good intentions. So, naturally I find it incredibly saddening that Trump supporters are being physically assaulted in the streets, American flags are being burned – disrespecting those who fought for the right to freedom. I am sad that those on either side of the voting spectrum are hating the other. Americans have fought hard to ensure and promote peace in our country. Why throw that all away now?


And trust me. I get it.


There has been considerable harm done to both parties over the past few years. People have endured abuse and attacks of all kinds. I get that winning is sweet and revenge is sweeter. But I also believe that if you are a Christian in today’s society, regardless of who you voted for – you are called to peace. You are called to love your enemies and your neighbor equally and as much as you love yourself. If you are not a Christian, I invite you to consider that loving those who voted differently from you may be better for the greater whole. I invite you to consider what love looks like and how a response of love rather than hate could impact our country. Regardless of who is president, there will be people in need. There will be people who are suffering prejudices of every kind and who are victim to many different cruelties of life.


Now is not a time for hate. Now is not a time for division. Now is the time for compassion like America has not yet experienced. A time for unity. A time for peace.


I invite you to consider this as you contemplate posting anything on your social media or as you have much needed conversations with others. Consider love and peace. Choose your words carefully. Say what you mean, without inflicting more pain and more destruction.


Thank you for reading. I appreciate your support and good luck to you, where ever you are in processing the recent election results.




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