the beauty guru told me to: decluttering my makeup collection

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These video titles ring any bells for you? If you have been an avid viewer of beauty gurus’ YouTube channels then they should be. I spent several years of my life absorbed in the YouTube beauty world. I was introduced to an entirely new way of appearing that gave me confidence. I learned how to apply bronzer in a “3 shape”, how to apply eye liner without looking like I’d just run into a wall, and foundation techniques which allowed me to leave my house feeling flawless. I don’t regret the time I spent as I truly did begin to feel better about the way that I looked, even without the makeup. It was a fun hobby of mine.

However, this fun hobby got old for me. When I became a graduate student, I started to find that I spent less and less time in front of the mirror every morning. I still enjoyed makeup, however, my life had just become too hectic to worry about perfectly blending the edges to my foundation. I started to develop my go-to quick makeup look, which did not require the loads of makeup that I possessed. Additionally, I started to realize that I was buying into a lot of what my favorite YouTubers were selling. I would buy makeup “because my favorite beauty guru told me to”. I would accumulate more products because that’s what beautiful faces on YouTube did.

Enter minimalism.

And veganism.

After encountering minimalism and starting to become vegan, I viewed my makeup collection in a very different light. I parred down – drastically. Although some of the items I currently own are not vegan, I have made significant strides to only purchasing makeup that is vegan and cruelty free. I am realizing that I don’t want all of those harsh chemicals on my skin. My skin is already sensitive as it is!

I found decluttering my makeup to be one of the easier steps in my decluttering process, however this may be very different for you. In case you would like to know, these are some of the rules I followed when decluttering my makeup collection:

  1. If it’s expired, toss it.
  2. If you’re unsure if it’s expired, and you’ve had it for a long time, toss it.
  3. If it doesn’t work that well, toss it.
  4. If it’s a cool color, but you’ll never realistically use it, toss it.
  5. If you don’t love it anymore….you guessed it…toss it.

“Toss it” can mean a few different things with makeup: literally throwing it away, passing it along to friends, or finding a local agency who will give your gently or unused items to women in shelters. You can pick which method of “toss it” works best for you.

Last, but certainly not least, here are some photos of my process.


This was all of my makeup. And also my random cow-pig sitting in the corner there. He’s a cutie.


This is what I was able to get down to the first time..


I was able to declutter MUCH more than that the second time around. I ended up not needing any of these storage containers. I’ll be showing my current minimalist makeup “collection” in a future post, so I hope you’ll stop by again to check that out!

As always, thank you for reading! Good luck to you, where ever you are in your journey!





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  1. Wow, that’s a big transformation! I should really use these tips sometime! Also, please check out my latest post when you get the chance, it’d mean a lot xx

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  2. Oh wow you have so much products! You should do makeup tutorials with the ones you kept 🙂

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  3. Makeup can be so hard to get rid of because it’s so $$$! Have you ever done makeup swaps or tried selling more expensive/lesser used products? It’s easy to disinfect and do a swap for something you need more than beauty products. This post was inspiring, especially that last picture!

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  4. Lovely post! Huge transformation
    You probably feel so free now that it’s all gone!


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