you might be doing gift giving all wrong

I was just struck with a thought today.

I think I am a gift-giving addict.

A compulsory giver.

Let me explain.

I am the kind of person who plans months in advance for Christmas. Yes, months. When I say months, I mean that I start planning my Christmas presents anywhere from August to September. Yes, I probably am crazy. While most people around me are either procrastinating until the day before or rushing around getting everyone’s gifts at once, I have already purchased all of my gifts by the end of November. I find Christmas to be a very relaxing holiday, contrary to the general American populace. So, crazy as I may be, I am finding joy in what most people seem to dread.

Why do you bother planning so far ahead?

What a wonderful question, dear reader. I plan so far ahead because I enjoy it – a lot. The process of giving a gift, to me, is about a thousand times more exciting than giving the gift itself. I spend a lot of time planning and carefully selecting each aspect of the gift – the gift itself, the wrapping, what size bow and what type of card – all of it. And I love every minute of it. Thankfully for me, Christmas is not the only day for giving gifts – there are birthdays and graduations and all kinds of wonderful events for which I get to prepare gifts.

I was struck with this thought today because my boyfriend’s birthday is today. Needless to say, I have been planning for weeks. All of the secretive shopping trips and careful planning has come to this day. The process has been a lot of fun for me. I find also that in planning for his birthday early, I love him in a way that I would not be able to love him had I planned last minute. When you plan a gift in advance, I would argue it almost takes more thought and energy than throwing something together the day before. More compassion and care goes into the gift and I truly believe that it shows to the receiver.

You are forced to think about what they really love, who they really are, and your feelings towards that person. I think most people would find that their opinions towards gift-giving would change if they just planned earlier. Most people would likely find that they love that person a little deeper than before as well. From a minimalist’s perspective, I am sure that gifts would be better received on our part if individuals understood and embraced our minimalist lifestyle, and then gave their gifts accordingly. For example, giving the gift of experience rather than more material items.

As it is my boyfriend’s birthday, I’ll end with a little shout out to him: Happy Birthday, Kevin! I hope this birthday is more special than the last and that your 22nd year of life is exciting and filled with God’s blessings.

For those of you who may be wondering, this is how weeks of planning his birthday turned out:

I spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to wrap his gift…but I think it’s not too shabby!IMG_6849IMG_6853

I wasn’t quick enough to catch his immediate response – which was priceless! He was completely surprised. So, I asked him to re-do his surprise for the blog! How do you think he did?


And then we decided to play with the gift wrap…because we are #childrenatheart

Lastly, in my haste to finish before he came back to the apartment, I may have demolished the poor birthday candles…
However, it turned out great! Since I didn’t have time to frost them, we ended up frosting them together! It was a lot of fun!


I think we did pretty well for piping frosting from a ziplock bag!

Thanks so much for reading! I hope you were inspired & good luck to you where ever you are in your journey!



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  1. roseminimalist July 29, 2016 — 6:31 pm

    Omg do I ever plan in advance!!! I LOVE to give gifts, but I had noticed that it’s a form of “justified shopping” (at least in my case) that goes something like ‘no I don’t need this but it’s really cute I bet so and so would love it’ and ‘shopping isn’t so bad if it’s for someone else’. Even though I’ve gained better control in that area I still love the act of giving. Probably because out of the 5 love languages “Gifts” is mine. I like taking the time to really choose a selection of items based on that person personality and an over all theme AND color. Oh and the gift wrap is the best part! Lol I feel like we could start a gift givers anonymous group lol. What is your fave place to get gift wrap? I like target and stores like tjmaxx and home goods because they have some really stylish choices for less➕

    Liked by 1 person

    • I am so excited that I am not the only one who gets really into gift wrap!! Lol I shop at Target too (they have the cutest department store gift wrap). I also go on etsy!
      It’s so funny that you mentioned “justified shopping” because I definitely just did that about 5 minutes ago. I guess that’s why becoming a mindful shopper is a process!


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